Alex Tolstey

Alex Tolstey

Alex Tolstey

Available to Book: Worldwide
Act: DJ Set

Alex Tolstey is a DJ and producer and also director of Boshke Beats Records and Horns and Hoofs Entertainment (Spain).

Both these labels have been blending techno with trance, electro with acid house and other undefined electronic dance music genres.

Producing music as Triangle Eyes, The Rockitmen and Triple Distilled and working with such acts as X-Dream, The Delta, Extrawelt, Fuzzion, Metalogic, he has prooved to be one of the most prolific artists within the genre.

With a broad of knowledge and many years experience of the electronic music scene in general, Alex Tolstey is well respected worldwide as a techno/neo-trance DJ, playing frequently in clubs across North and South America, Asia, Middle East, Europe and participating in some of the most important music festivals around the world.




Alex Tolstey – Deep & Bleep [] by Aero-Groove.Com on Mixcloud