Anyer Quantum

Anyer Quantum

Anyer Quantum

Available to Book: Worldwide
Act: Live or DJ Set

Anyer Quantum is a DJ and producer from Guadalajara, Mexico.

Devoted to underground sounds, intelligent sequences and soul music, he is one of the most talented and committed DJs known in Mexico.

He has been the official Horns and Hoofs DJ for years, but also working with Cosmic Conspiracy Records, Sourcecode Transmissions, Digital Diamonds and playing in festivals around his country, establishing himself as one of the strongest representatives of the psychedelic techno genre in North America.

He was also the manager of FNOOB Trance Radio.

His experience guarantees an unique experience for the crowd, and he can adapt to any situation or hour of the day.

He releases music not only as Anyer Quantum, but also as Shaolin Shuffle and Serenade for Replicants.