Available to Book: Worldwide
Act: Live or DJ Set

CrennWiick is the techno project of Marco from Lisbon, Portugal.

Starting his career in electronic music in 2005, he rapidly reached recognition in local and international techno and progressive scene by releasing his distinct and inovative blend of styles and sounds.

Marco had the pleasure to share decks with successful artists such as Perfect Stranger, Klopfgeister, DJ Pena, and others.

His sets have been played in the most respected portuguese clubs and in Lisbon’s such as A Capela, Groove Bar, Europa, Music Box, as well at Germany’s trendies WYSIWYG, R19 and Hawerkamp.

He currently releases music for Digital Diamonds and Techgnosis Records and together with Floating Machine he forms the duo Code Therapy.




CrennWiick – After 90ies Mixtape by Digitaldiamonds on Mixcloud