Ken Zo

Available to Book: Worldwide, except Australia and New Zealand
Act: Live or DJ Set

Ken Zo is the project of Fabrice David and is his pilgrimage through the world of Electronic Dance Music with focus on progressive. He began this project in 2011 while studying in Melbourne, but is now based in his home country – Mauritius.
After a couple of years Djing in Mauritius, he had the incredible opportunity to travel overseas to Melbourne where his career took a big leap.

While simultaneously working on the promotion and organization of events for crews such as Earthcore and Yemaya Festival.He slowly developed his style to become a fusion of techno and psytrance genres and this gave him the opportunity to be the bridge between the techno and psytrance line up at festivals such as Yemaya festival and Rabbits Eat Lettuce festival as well as club nights. He was able to make the most of Melbourne electronic diversity playing at some of the biggest underground clubs in Melbourne alongside some of amazing international acts like Max Cooper, Antix, Grouch, Sensient and Neelix.

Ken Zo made his first official release in March 2013 on an Italian label – Criminal Zone Records with the help of Italian DJ and producer Alessandro Spaiani. His style quickly evolved after this release and he was then able to release on a variety of both Techno and psytrance labels such as Bassic Records, Techgnosis Records, Sonic Elixir Records & Bowlba Records to name a few.